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hatful of hollow: we shall this day light such a candle
original fiction, pg-13.
927 words.
warnings: the smiths reference vomit & mention of actual vomit.

what morrissey has been telling you & why you stopped believing.

So, they’re at a gig and they’re watching someone onstage, with his stupid laptop and synthetic beat loops. +Collapse )
one year without light
harry potter: draco/hermione
2,807 words. pg.
notes; submitted as an entry to dmhgficexchange, Deathly Hallows (sans epilogue) compatible.

The first time she saw you in what you thought was a different light was when you were huddled, under the weight of your mother's and father's arms, a tight embrace spilling over your shoulders, which was also the first time you were grateful for such contact. +Collapse )
with tired eyes, we slept
harry potter: draco/hermione
2039 words
notes; submitted as an entry to dmhgficexchange, was written with this fic in mind, title borrowed from explosions in the sky.

you’re the only thing i thought today.
you have a light; the ropers.

They gambled an estimate of a week and a half as to how long the rain came beating down after Voldemort fell.

+Collapse )
a primer for the dimensions of the universe
original fiction, pg.
2,311 words.

for people who've lost something and don't know what to do until they come back.

a table of contents
i. physics and religion
ii. cartography
iii. art history
iv. engineering
v. philosophy and physics

+Collapse )

note; some thoughts on the universe from the creation of the universe: part i & ii. meaning of chock-a-block from the online etymology dictionary. fork & knife talk from henry petroski's the evolution of useful things. picasso & braque gossip from my own speculations, due to art history classes.
10 February 2008 @ 09:49 pm
oh baby, bring me down
original fiction, pg.
614 words.
note: i wouldn't say that this doesn't have a point, but the plot is a little thinly-spread. perhaps it will be part of something bigger. this was written as part of the fifteen short stories i hope to make in a span of two-and-a-half years. i know that sounds like a measly number, but you can see how infrequently i have been writing. anyway. some are truths, some aren't.

words by ryan adams.

the first time you met, the sun was vicious.

+Collapse )
once exposed and labelled
friday night lights: tyra/landry, tyra/tim
1,153. pg.
spoilers: through 2x01
prompt: "Can I get some Tyra/Landry? And like. A. Power outage? Or. lol." — vanillapudding5

each should follow where the pulse of his own heart leads.
on modern art; paul klee

Tyra knows that she always goes for the bad guys. She always figured it was a Collette thing, but when her mama went for Buddy Garrity — Tyra found out just exactly where she drew the line.

what's a beautiful girl like you doin' with a loser?Collapse )

feedback is appreciated.
first time posting fnl fic.
i hope i didn't ruin anything.
an unbroken view of the dark
harry potter: draco/hermione
1,226 words. pg-13 for slightly sexual situations.
spoilers: until deathly hallows.
prompt: thunderstorm! from gh0stmeat.

years later, whenever i thought of her, it was her smile that came to my mind first.
south of the border, west of the sun; haruki murakami.

It is three hours after Harry’s victory and the cheers falter along with daylight.

The sky is covered with dust, ash and burning; a crack of seething thunder lights it up momentarily and Hermione almost thinks it beautiful until the rain beats down her back in furious haste.

busy hands keep her fingers from trembling.Collapse )

feedback is definitely appreciated.
a handshake of carbon monoxide and nicotine
harry potter: james/sirius, remus/sirius, james/lily
1,639 words, pg-13.
warnings: slash
notes: this is a little bit awkward, but i haven't written in a while. remus/sirius, an even longer time and james/sirius, never. i hope this works, though. this is for vanillapudding5, who is all kinds of love and funniness and needs to rec me some teddy/james jr jr. this is also for quidditchkiss, who gave me three things: cigarettes, chocolate milk and sirius/james. i misread and wrote in hot chocolate instead. i hope that's okay. i also hope the both of you enjoy. :3 also, i should say, this hasn't been beta'd.

(title semi-by radiohead.)

it probably gets pretty lonely to be anyone
extremely loud & incredibly close; jonathan safran foer

The scene uncovers like this

+Collapse )

(it's 3:41 in the morning. damn right, i'm posting fic.)
16 August 2007 @ 10:36 am
responses to comments on this very, very old meme:
comment with two characters I write [or at least know well enough to write], and I'll tell you about their first kiss.

this community has been itching for an update; sadly, my muse has gone off for a while. these were posted in the interest of luring it back. i hope you enjoy, though. :)

harry potter
fred & george; for fireworkfiasco
It’s like facing a mirror, sometimes.

Fred guesses that that’s what makes it easy for the both of them to slip into each others’ arms, what makes it effortless for them to sink between the sheets. George always liked to be underneath, fist full of red hair, back arching and flopping down on the bed, easing the distance between spine and springs.

harry Potter: fred & george, draco & hermione (2), ron & hermione, james & lilyCollapse )

the office: pam & royCollapse )

serenity/firefly: simon & inaraCollapse )

x-men: bobby & johnCollapse )

house, m.d.: house & cameronCollapse )
the end of the world: peter gabriel is on the radio
original fiction, pg-13
701 words
warnings: slash, apoca!fic
notes: a response to challenge #005 at unabridgedsalon. inspired by a real-life pseudo-couple i am slashing in my head. names have obviously been changed. a small shout-out to fight club's end scene towards the end of this fic. you met me at a very strange time of my life. this is for gh0stmeat, because she humors me with my quasi-rpf and flails along whenever i think of my real-life otp.
note #2: slightly edited to fit the version i submitted for heights.

© Jim Hodges, don't be afraid.

did they evolve as naturally and as quietly as did the parts of our bodies?
the evolution of useful things; henry petroski

  1. It’s night-time and the room is dark.

    in your eyes.Collapse )

    feedback is always appreciated. ♥